TRJet steps out at Istanbul’s AIREX 2016 Air Show Oct. 6 - 9

Ankara-based aviation company TRJet will participate in the 11th International Civil Aviation and Airports Exhibition, AIREX 2016, as one of the event’s main sponsors. Within the exhibition, TRJet will display a Dornier 328 32-passenger aircraft, and meet with potential airlines and suppliers looking forward to the start of production for the comprehensively modernized TRJ328™ and TRP328™ aircraft. The Airshow symbolizes an important milestone for the program as it marked the first demonstration flight of the 328 passenger aircraft transporting key Turkish officials from Ankara to Istanbul for the Opening Ceremony.

“Since our announcement at Farnborough Airshow in July 2016 about reaching an agreement on the principal terms of the contract, the final remaining details have been agreed upon. We expect to start work imminently on the highly-anticipated Turkish-built aircraft,” said Fatih Ozmen, owner of TRJet. “Istanbul Airshow provides an ideal opportunity to introduce this project and its potential to increase regional commerce and trade which will also promote peace and prosperity. This historic opportunity is critical to create a global Turkish brand and help establish a local industrial base to position the country among the top 10 industrialized economies.”

With accelerated growth in air travel throughout Europe and the Middle and Far East, and with the current fleet of regional aircraft aging and going out of operation, Turkey’s first domestically produced civil aircraft are poised to meet the growing demand worldwide for aircraft in this size category.

Turkey as a base for global aviation
The program with the Turkish Government and TRJet paves the way toward realization of Turkey’s first domestically designed, certified and produced commercial aircraft, TRJet’s larger new aircraft with an anticipated first flight in 2023 in honor of Turkey’s centennial. Design of the new aircraft will begin concurrently with production of the 32-seat TRJ328 and TRP328 to reduce the time-to-market and certification by more than half. This new aircraft will expand the industrial supplier base in-country and establish TRJet as a global aircraft Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) as a trusted brand within the aviation market.

The Turkish Regional Aircraft Project will produce aircraft for multi mission requirements including regional transport, Medevac, Maritime Patrol, VIP and Special Missions.

328 Series exceeds expectations
An enhanced and technologically updated version of the acclaimed Dornier 328, TRJet’s 328 Series redefines the standards of regional aircraft. These aircraft are ideal for making short-range flights more economic and sustainable, easily addressing the growing market need for commercial flights between small cities and underserved areas including those with unimproved runways.

As the only civil certified aircraft of its kind with both a jet and turboprop variation, the aircraft provide flexibility for the customer to select the option that best fits their needs. The two most recent orders for the 328 Series announced at Farnborough Airshow confirm the strong market need for this versatile, multipurpose aircraft.

“We are very proud to be here taking significant steps forward to support the growth of Turkey’s civil aviation industry, enhance its industrial base and contribute to a country with incredible potential,” added Ozmen. “This is only the start of something that will help change the face of Turkish aviation. This is a major milestone for our TRJet team and we look forward to breaking ground in Ankara soon.”

TRJet Havacilik Teknolojileri Anonim Şirketi (TRJet) combines the legacy of two esteemed aviation companies, Sierra Nevada Corporation and 328 Support Services GmbH, to create a commercial aviation and aerospace company that merges modern German aircraft engineering and the latest industry modification standards. It was formed in part to serve the Turkish Regional Aircraft Project for which the TRJ328™ aircraft and its sister design the TRP328™ turboprop are being initially produced. The Project also includes plans for a larger, clean-sheet-design aircraft, establishing TRJet as an aircraft Original Equipment Manufacturer and contributing significantly to Turkey’s economy.