TRP328 Turboprop

TRP328 Turboprop | TRJet

Ultimate speed.
Maximum capacity.

Unlike most regional aircraft, the TRP328 allows easy operation even from the shortest runways. It can also handle a variety of surfaces, including grass and gravel, and is equally unafraid of hot and high conditions. From regional cities to far-flung outposts, and from the Arabian Desert to the Himalayas, the 328 Series will take you (almost) everywhere.

The TRP328 is the obvious candidate for many specialty tasks. It is selected by the most demanding players in the industry and trusted for the most delicate missions. With its new powerful and efficient engine, the turboprop aircraft is quicker and quieter than a helicopter, making it ideal for surveillance and rescue.

The turboprop, as in years past, continues to beat other aircraft of its type. Now, it is the fastest production turboprop aircraft in its class, with a maximum cruise speed of 335 knots (385 mph / 619 km/h). The TRP328 is the perfect ally on any regional operation with a typical range of 900 Nm (1670 km).


  • Increased payload
  • Short field landing and take-off performance
  • Full-height cabin
  • Extremely quiet
  • Gravel kit option for unpaved runways
  • Up to 30,000-foot ceiling
  • State-of-the-art-glass cockpit and updated systems suitable both for today’s and future CNS/ATM environments
  • Modern design structure with 25 percent composite design
  • Latest-generation PW127 engine and propeller systems
  • Cargo bay accommodating 750 kg: best in class



  • Regional aircraft
  • Military
  • Search and rescue
  • Maritime patrol
  • Cargo
  • Casevac