TRJ328 Jet

TRJ328 Turbojet | TRJet

Supreme agility.
Ultimate versatility.

One of the superior qualities of the aircraft is its ability to adapt to diverse roles, thanks to its multiple interior configurations. In addition to serving commercial passengers, the TRJ328 delivers first-class performance in some far more demanding duties. Its 33.48 m3 internal volume, for instance, makes it an ideal cargo carrier. Its spaciousness also comes to the fore when the aircraft is used as an Air Ambulance, where speed is paramount.

The TRJ328 is the perfect medium-sized business jet. For VIP or corporate use, bespoke configuration options provide clients with superior flexibility. Interiors are luxurious, featuring flawless craftsmanship alongside the latest entertainment and communication systems. The cabin space is generous, comfortably accommodating 4 to 12 passengers plus a large cargo hold for personal storage.

With a typical operation range of approximately 1,120 nautical miles (2,080 km), the TRJ328 perfectly fits all missions that require efficiency and responsiveness within a short timeframe.


  • Extended range tank
  • LED lighting in the cabin and external LED navigation lights
  • Up to 35,000-foot ceiling with the PW306B engine
  • State-of-the-art-glass cockpit and updated systems suitable both for today’s and future CNS/ATM environments
  • Full-height cabin
  • Proven reliability and maintainability
  • Cargo bay accommodating 750 kg: best in class



  • Regional aircraft
  • VIP
  • Corporate shuttle
  • Medevac